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So I have avoided this blog for long enough. While soaking in the experiences of Thailand, I have neglected to reflect on them properly. So I suppose I'll give it a start...

It is 1 week after I finished my TEFL course and I am on the cusp of venturing off to some(no)where for a few(maybe?)weeks before I settle down and get a job. It has taken a kick in the ass from a new friend (thank you Gillian) to hop back on this blog, let's see how it goes.

Leaving from Raleigh, I had a layover in Atlanta before I took off on my long flight to Seoul, South Korea. I knew that it would be a lonely and introspective experience, the travel that is, but arriving in Atlanta I was in for one of the most amazing surprises of my life. Coming out of the gate, dazed on dramamine and high on uncertainty, I was greeted by the most fantastic sight I could have ever imagined. For a moment I thought that I was dreaming, but the second she wrapped her arms around me I knew it was real. My mother, the most incredible woman I have ever known, was waiting for me at the airport.. arms spread, smile wide, mutual love apparent. She had traveled on her own, for me, to an airport, for me, simply for a few hours, for me, to see me one last time. After falling into her arms for a moment, soaking in the love I never expected at an international airport, we walked through the terminal looking for a place to eat. When I told her that I wasn't hungry (mainly due to the elation and comfortablilty expressed through her presence), she suggested a drink.

A drink is something I could go for.

We sat down at bar and as we relaxed in the airport, paying for entirely over-priced glasses of Samuel Adams, I knew that I was loved. I could go into this further, but it was a feeling that nobody can fully understand unless they were there. I love you mom; always have and always will. This gesture of your presence is something that will never be forgotten, ever.

After a few hours relaxing and embracing, I boarded my flight to South Korea. The flight was fine, lots of sleeping and movie watching. The one thing that frustrated me was the attitude of most of the people around me. As they sat there and bitched about the spotty internet and the air-conditioning not being to par, I sat there and thought about that fact that we were miraculously, exceptionally, and impossibly soaring through the air in a man made tube of comfort. The idea of flying always makes me feel like a child.. wonderous, magical, fantastic. A feeling that I (attempt to) apply to every aspect of my life. The second I lose that feeling is the second I stop being myself.

I made it to South Korea without a hitch, then boarded my flight to Phuket. This flight was entirely without sleep and entirely without boredom. The thoughts of where I was going and what I was doing sobered and intoxicated me all at once, over and over and over again. I imagine that I cannot and will not ever duplicate this feeling, no matter the travels I embark upon.

Arriving at the Phuket airport was an experience all in its own. All of the fellow travelers that had unintentionally become part of my existence were fluttering off in different directions. It was now just simply me, life, and the future. I made my way out to the taxi stand and negotiated a ridiculously high price for a cab fare (due to the fact that it was about 2am and all of the legitimate taxi services had closed down for the night). I cruised, clutching onto my bag and the last levels of cognisance I could muster after 2 days of travel, and watched the lights pass by. Arriving at the Roongrawee Mansion, which would be my home for the next month, felt like being in an entirely different country (figures right?), and as I stumbled into my room... I slept.

---I said that this would be a start, and that is where I will leave it for now. I intend to get back to this and post again tomorrow morning, but Chang and whiskey have a way of determining their own destiny.


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Oh Brad! You win the prize to see who makes Mom cry first. (Since we won't see you at Christmas, I think you should be able to count your blog) Reading your blog made my heart soar and of course the tears flow! Thank you for putting our visit into such beautiful words. Seeing you in Atlanta, as you begin your wonderful journey, is an experience I will never forget. Love and Miss You Tons!!

by Kim Cole (Mom)

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